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Soil Profiler Tutorial   

Create a new project

Click Project -> new project

The project form creates a project file  (.Xprofile), which is a SQLite database 

In order to configure the project is necessary to define a  projection 

The projection file .prj => It is a shapefile projection  file.

Import data

Soil profile imports data of ArcHydro borehole information. In the download page there is an example dataset (Data). The user should follow the next steps:

Decompress  the Data.7z file.. This folder contains wells, hgus, boreholes text files.

Soil Profiler - > Import -> Import Wells

The procedure to import geologic units (Hgus) and   boreholes layers have an option similar than wells. It is required to import those files to display the information correctly.


Display Map

In order to display the wells, it is needed to click the bottom Display Map. The profile bottom allows user selecting wells.



The triangulation is used to link the boreholes automatically. This tool merges the profiles using Delauny Triangulation. The layers are linked using  the type of geologic unit. After triangulation, it is possible to calculate longitudinal profile over map. The profile will be displayed in the longitudinal profile tab.

When the user draws a transect over triangulation, it is calculated a longitudinal profile (preliminary version). Additionally, the triangulation can be observed in 3D option in the menu.

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